About the JetloungeX™ (JLX™) Party Bus Limo

Innovation, technology, entertainment, media content, and luxury is about to take the limousine party bus transportation industry by storm with the revolutionary invention of the JetLoungeX™, JLX™. 

The JLX™ brand is a lavish style of stately comfort, entertainment amenities, and interactive nostalgic memories. Built with the most advanced mobile entertainment system ever created for the luxury limousine, corporate,  party bus transportation industry.  Modern technology has never been glamorously assembled in such a fashion for your entertainment and enjoyment.  Featuring, the “First of its Kind”, on-board “Selfie Fotopod Photo Booth“, that uploads in real time content connecting to social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Equipped with an on board Live stream capability allowing access to all of your favorite online programming and content for your entertainment, and so much more!

Take a leisure ride and partake in an “Interactive Experience” that will dazzle your senses and take you on a trip that you will never forget.
Let us know, any and all, Your Luxury Entertainment JetloungeX, JLX, Limo, Limousine, Town Car, Party Bus, and Wine Tour Transportation Needs…
Taking the Limo, Limousine, Party Bus Experience to a Whole New Level
Welcome to the New Revolution in Luxury Entertainment Transportation… Welcome to JetloungeX (JLX)