Jetlounge JLX Limo party bus

The JLX Concept -First-of-its-Kind

Equipped with the Most Advanced State of the Art Digital Content Media Entertainment System ever Envisioned, Social Connected, Ushering in a New Era in Limousine Transportation.

JLX Entertainment Features

JLX 360° Video Matrix™

21:9 4k HD End to End Video Display

JLX 360° End to End Video Matrix™ – Passenger’s can control the display output of each 4k display monitor selecting JLX content viewable from a single source to one or more displays or from multiple sources to different displays from over 8 input systems.  The JLX currently supports the following content sources: DVD,  Apple TV, Apple iTunes, JLX Mobile Gaming, Teleconferencing,  Live Streaming (UFC, Sports, Games, Youtube, Vimeo, Ustream, and other online sources).  The JLX is equipped with local media server via iTunes supporting over 8TB of local storage for both local video and audio programing.

JLX Selfie Plus Plus™

Interactive Mobile Photo and Video Both

Capture the memories of your fun pack trip with our JLX Selfie Plus Plus™ Photo / Video mobile solutions using only a studio quality level professional SLR camera and lighting. Photos can be instantly printed to our onboard JLX Selfie TP Print™ Systems. Both videos and photos are real time socially shareable with our JLX Social Connected ™ solution with our real time Instagram / Twitter wall feed. Animated GIFs are now more popular than ever. Give users the choice of uploading a still photo or animated GIFs.

JLX Social Connected™

Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

Share photos and videos captured by JLX Selfie Plus Plus™ to variety of social media options: Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS,  and Pinterest. Content is also uploaded in the background to our own website as well as our social media pages (Twitter and Facebook only).  Take Pictures and #hashtag the and they will show up on the JLX™ Social Media Slider Instagram Wall.

JLX Mobile Video DJ™

Interactive Video DJ

Use the JLX XO Remote Control™ iPad to mix iTunes content. Become your own mobile D.J.

JLX Mobile Selfie DTP Print™

4x6 or 6x8 4 x Color Photo Dye Thermal Printer

Our JLX Mobile Selfie DTP Print™ solution is capable of producing 4 color hi-quality photo grade quality 4×6 photo prints in 15 seconds or 6×8 in 30 seconds for immediate long lasting nostalgic value of your JLX experience from the JLX Selfie Plus Plus™ solution.

JLX Social Media Slider Wall™

Realtime Instrgram Social Wall

JLX Social Media Slider Wall™ allows you to crowdsource your event photos or videos. Use #TXGJLX hashtag or additional one selectable for your fun packed trip and tell your friends to tag their photos or videos. When they upload them to Instagram & or Twitter. Our JLX Social Media Slider Wall™ solution will monitor Instagram & Twitter for photos & videos matching that hashtag and will automatically display them in the JLX.

JLX 365 CloudStream™

Dual LTE 100Mbps Wi-fi

Our JLX 365 CloudStream™ solution was designed with the harsh demands of being on the road in mind equipped with distributed enterprise diversity to intelligently manage converged wired and wireless connectivity for a highly available connected mobile entertainment transport experience.

JLX XO Remote Control™

iPad Based Remote Content Control

The JLX XO Remote Control™ gives passengers total control of their entertainment content experience. Choose and control the playing of JLX content via a touch screen iPAD

JLX Big Mouth Karaoke™

Realtime Instrgram Social Wall

Enjoy the JLX Big Mouth Karaoke™ singing along with JLX passengers during your trip. With a wide range of music genres to choose from to fit all passengers taste.

JLX Mobile Photo Sketch™

Sketch Photo Images from JLX Sefie Plus Plus™

Drawn on screen immediately after taking photo, passengers are able to draw on the touch screen with their fingers to personalize their image. Their photo is the canvas and they can get as creative as they want with different brush sizes, text, colors, and clip art

JLX NEX Radio Comm™

Full Hi-Definiton Audio Sound System

In the pursuit of pure sound perfection, the JLX is equipped with a 10 Speaker 1200 Watt Audio System with BlueTooth for passenger PDA streaming content connection. In addition, we support the ability to play old school skip bump free DVDs.

JLX Aurora Display System™

Fiberoptic Ceiling and Laser display system

Enjoy the JLX Aurora Display System™  Watch the JLX ceiling come alive with a myriad of images or use for signage The Laser Light show is synchronized to audio content.

JLX Teleconferencing Solution™

Mobile Video Conferencing

JLX Teleconferencing Solution™ collaboration endpoints bring the benefits of immediate face-to-face communication to the mobile executive office. Use our onboard equipment or our solution easily integrates video within your personal computer or PDA. Always be in visual contact with colleagues, customers, and suppliers. With this level of accessibility, video is as easy as voice. Stay connected and enjoy the power of visual communications regardless of location.

JLX Mobile Gamer™

Real Time Live Internet Streaming Games

Choose your onboard live stream JLX™ gaming experience with either Microsoft Xbox 1 or Sony Playstation 4 gaming consoles

JLX 1.1 Stargaze Display System™ - Coming Soon

LED Ceiling and Laser display system

Enjoy the JLX Stargaze Display™  Watch the JLX™ ceiling come alive with a myriad of images, animations, and graphics, or use for signage. The LED Light show is synchronize-able to audio content.

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