JetloungeX Press Release

JetloungeX Mercedes Benz 3500 Sprinter

JetloungeX Press Release

June 1, 2015 – Official Release of the JetloungeX

JetloungeX Sprinter Luxury Limo is a culmination of individuals with diverse industry expertise, complementary skills, and experience from careers spanning over 25 years collaborating to deliver innovation, high quality, customer focused products and services. We work tireless to overcome the status quo, existing industry norms, and traditional ceilings. The JetloungeX Brand represents an example of such said achievements. Welcome to the JetloungeX – The New Revolution in Luxury Entertainment Transportation transforming the traditional party bus limousine industry by storm.

We seek to innovate the existing livery transportation industry with the using modern technology for holistic content deliver. Successfully demonstrating there is tremendous opportunity in leverage our JetloungeX platform to mine consumer data with focus group workflows in conjunction with reinforcement brand advertising connected socially with our custom designed platform. Established a new brand known as the JetloungeX. The first luxury entertainment multipurpose technology content driven transportation solution.

As Featured in Inc Magazine,  June 2015.


JetloungeX published in Inc Magazine 2015